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Colby Retirement Community Wins Excellence in Action Award


On August 26, 2013, the National Research Corporation announced recognition of 628 out of over 8,500 nursing homes, assisted living communities, and independent communities with the 2012-2013 Excellence in Action awards.  This honor recognizes post-acute organizations that achieve a high level of excellence. The ranking is determined by having overall customer or workforce satisfaction levels that fall within the top 10% of qualifying organizations.

 Colby Retirement Community, an assisted living facility located in Colby, WI, is one of the nationwide recipients of this prestigious award for employee satisfaction.   Staff expressed a high job satisfaction in the surveys. Leanne Oelrich, Executive Director, is credited with the management and supervision of her team and creating a supportive work environment where all employees are treated with respect.

The residents have also expressed high satisfaction in their surveys, rating  their experience of  living at Colby Retirement Community as excellent with a high quality of care.   

Congratulations to Leanne and her staff for this achievement of excellence.  

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