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Cheese Curd Throwing Contest

Have you ever thrown a cheese curd? Well at Colby Retirement Community we did. On June 26, 2013 we had a cheese curd throwing contest. Yes cheese curds…. not watermelon seeds. We thought it was fitting to throw cheese curds rather than watermelon seeds due to the town we live in. If you are not familiar with Colby Wisconsin we are home of Colby cheese and that’s were cheese curds come from.  

Annually at Colby Cheese Days there is a cheese curd throwing contest. The official name of the event is World Championship Cheese Curd throw. This event will be held July 21, 2013 near the City Hall.

How are curds made? It takes about 10 pounds of quality milk to make 1 pound of curds. The milk is placed into a vat and a coagulant is added. This is a milk clotting enzyme that helps turn the milk into a solid piece of cheese. After the coagulant is added, and cheese curds are formed, the cutting process begins. This process separates the liquid which is the whey and the curds from one another. Once the cutting is done there is a stirring and heating process in the vat. The curd and the whey are stirred by a big strained steal arm while being heated to a desired temperature in the vat. After this process, the whey is drained leaving the curd behind. Eat and enjoy.

cheese curds Colby

 We also enjoyed our homemade ice cream many residents committed on how creamy it tasted.  All the dessert bowls were empty not a scoop was wasted.  

February Happenings

Friday February 10, started out cold and wet with a light dusting of snow. Little did the residents know that in a few hours after daylight, they would be presented with colorful umbrellas, sand, and sunny beaches for their lunch time ambience? Well okay, maybe not the sand or sunny beaches, but umbrellas for sure because Friday was national umbrella day. In honor of this day, assorted colorful umbrellas were placed atop of each person ‘s water glass. The residents enjoyed pretending that for one cold, wet day in February, they were vacationing on a far away tropical island.

 Four days later, on Valentines Day a group of local school children were able to visit us and present our residents with very special Valentines Day cards. Valentines Day is a day to express love and friendship to all. The genuine, unconditional love that is shared between the generations is amazing. Although they are strangers to each other, the two generations are united by a special bond of innocence.

 The day after Valentines Day is national gumdrop day. To celebrate this day the residents each received gumdrops as part of there dessert for lunch. Sugar coated, sweet, or spicy, it was their choice.  The Milton Bradley game Candy Land, was released in 1949. Candy land has Gumdrop Mountain and Gumdrop pass. How many of our residents probably played Candy land with their children, and now their children are playing it with their own children? Gumdrops have a way of bringing out the child in all of us.

 Hope you have a blessed start to your February and as we continue on through our journey of discovering and celebrating more unique national days, we will keep you posted to our adventures at Colby Retirement Community.