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America’s Dairy State, Wisconsin

We live in America’s dairy state, Wisconsin

 Colby Retirement Community is located in the far Northern part of Clark County. Farmers in Clark County own and mange 440,376 acres which is about 57% of the county’s land. This includes cropland, pastures, tree farms, farm forests, and wetlands. As stewards of the land, farmers use conservation practice, such as crop rotation, nutrient management and integrated pest management to protect environmental resources and provide habitat for wildlife.  

 With harvest season around the corner many residents are talking and reminiscing about the good old days of the hot sun beating down while making hay and harvesting the corn beans and oats. Many are also talking about canning and freezing the produce they grew in their gardens.

 To help the residents remember we have played many games of Fun on the Farm. It’s based on the classic game BINGO. You have a card just like BINGO but the numbers are replaced with pictures of items you would find on a farm. Here is an example of a clue: I am difficult to find any more, but I towered high in the air and my blades, driven by wind, provided energy for pumping water, what am I?  Yes a windmill.

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